More than 1700 species of animals may disappear by 2070 because of human activity

As people expand land use, less and less territory is left for animal life. There is a risk that by 2070, due to human activity, 1,700 species of amphibians, birds and mammals will be on the verge of extinction.

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Washington governor Jay Inslee is to run 2020 presidential campaign with climate change priority issue

Jay Inslee, Governor from Washington State, has been announced a democratic nominee for 2020 US presidential election.

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A new dangerous consequence of global warming was found

Scientists at the University of Rutgers in the United States found that the increase in the temperature of the oceans, due to climate change, leads to a significant decline in the fisheries sector, which is exacerbated by excess seafood.

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US will join climate talks despite quitting Paris accord

The US State Department has officially informed the United Nations it will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, but has left the door open to re-engaging if the terms improved for the United States.

The State Department said in a press release the United States would continue to participate in United Nations climate change meetings during the withdrawal process, which is expected to take at least three years.

“The United States supports a balanced approach to climate policy that lowers emissions while promoting economic growth and ensuring energy security,” the department said in the release.

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