In Philippines graduates will have to plant dozens of trees

Pupils and students will be encouraged to plant primarily endangered tree species.

The Philippine government has passed a law that requires every pupil and student in the country to plant at least 10 trees before receiving a diploma.

The authors of the law say that in the Philippines, 12 million students graduate from primary school every year, 5 million high schools, and half a million people become university graduates. If each of them will plant 10 seedlings, then 175 million new trees will appear in the country annually.

Pupils and students will be encouraged to plant species of trees in the first place under the threat of extinction.

Plants will appear in both urban areas and in forests and nature reserves.

According to the Independent, during the 20th century, the Philippines as a result of deforestation lost 50% of forest cover – its level dropped to 20%. Illegal logging remains a problem for the country, and the lack of trees in some areas increases the risk and consequences of floods and landslides.