Hurricane Hannah in Wales lifted the prehistoric forest from the sea

The prehistoric forest, which remained buried under sand and water for 4,5 thousand years, suddenly appeared after a storm in Wales.

Under the strong wind the sea retreated, exposing the deposits of peat, under which trees were hidden. Then the peat was scattered by the wind.

Petrified trees can be seen between the villages of Bort and Inislas in the county of Ceredigion.

In the seventeenth century, the myth of the demise under water was recorded by the civilization, which was called the “Succulent Hundred”.

It is believed that this area was once a fertile land with settlements protected from flood by locks and dams. It is told in legends that this land was repeatedly flooded by strong storms.

In the VI century 16 villages were flooded in this area, many people were killed.

According to one of myths, these fertile lands are located about 30 km west of the current coastline, where now waters of the Gulf of Cardigan.