Climate change activists glued themselves to London train on the 3d day of a protest

On the third day of the climate protest two activists two glued themselves to the roof of a train, others blocked major traffic routes and police confirmed they have made more than 300 arrests since Monday.

The Extinction Rebellion, who organized the protests, said they are fighting against “disastrous inaction” on climate change.

Demonstrators have blocked some of central London’s main traffic arteries since Monday – including at Marble Arch, Parliament Square, Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge – and on Wednesday began a day of “light” disruption of the city’s overground train network.

A pair of demonstrators at Canary Wharf station, in the heart of one of London’s financial districts, glued themselves to the roof of a train and also unfurled a banner reading “Climate Emergency.” Police officers then climbed up onto the train to unstick the protesters, who were put into harnesses and gently lowered by the police to the station floor. A third protester, who had glued his hand on the side of a train, was removed after a short-lived, yet polite, protest.

The Extinction Rebellion said that Wednesday’s transport disruption is called “The Pause,” which aims to “create moments in time when humanity stops and fully considers the extent of the harm we have done and are doing to life on earth.” The Wi-Fi network at underground stations in London has been switched off in an effort to prevent climate change activists from coordinating their protests, Britain’s Press Association reported.While spirits remained high among protesters, authorities expressed some weariness with the demonstrations. Mayor Sadiq Khan told Sky News that he was frustrated that protesters had disrupted London’s transport system.”I’d say to the organizers: Please work with the police, please work with TFL (London’s travel authority), to make sure you minimize disruption caused to those trying to get about their business in our city,” he said.

The New West End company, representing 600 retailers and restaurants in London, reported that retailers lost $15 million in two days of the climate protests.