Canada suffers from global warming twice hard than the rest of the world

A new scientific report indicates that Canada is warming on average at a rate twice as fast as the rest of the world.

The federal government climate report warns that changes are already evident in many parts of the country and are projected to intensify.

Canada’s Arctic has seen the deepest impact and will continue to warm at more than double the global rate.

The report suggests that many of the effects already seen are probably irreversible.

Canada’s annual average temperature has warmed by an estimated 1.7C since 1948, when nationwide temperatures were first recorded.

The largest temperature increases have been seen in the North, the Prairies, and in northern British Columbia.

Annual average temperature in northern Canada increased by approximately 2.3C.D

The report states that while both human activities and natural variations in the climate have contributed to the observed warming in Canada, the human factor stays dominant.

“It is likely that more than half of the observed warming in Canada is due to the influence of human activities.”

The report was published after the government imposed carbon taxes on four of Canada’s 10 provinces as they are failing to introduce their own vision to tackle climate change.