Work-shop on Climate Change. Future of our planet: green or not?

One of the most important issue that people should be concerned about is climate change. According to estimates of the UN scientists, by 2030, carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere can reach a critical level. Moreover, in fact, the temperature increase will lead to irreversible consequences. The world has already come to terms with droughts, hot weather, floods and hurricanes. In a little more than 10 years, these natural phenomena will become even more devastating. It is clear that we have to be ready that, due to the existing circumstances, the next couple of decades will be critical for saving the planet from the effects of global warming. And it is important that this information be fully conveyed to each person, regardless of his/her sphere of influence on the environment.

Eastern European association of the Greens highly concerned about awareness of young people of the problem and they ways every one of us can help to prove the situation.

In order to popularize the issue and to involve young generation into the process of solving climate change problems EEAG set the program of educational workshops.

The work-shop was held on the Earth Hour in Brussels among local students. We had an educational lecture and watched the movie about climate change. Then our students took part in interactive game that helped them digest the material on how to save our planet? Haw important is to use clear sources of energy and promote green way of living.