Naked climate protesters in British Parliament

More than ten protesters from the climate change group Extinction Rebellion stripped off in the House of Commons.

The activists’ Twitter account said they made this public gesture to call attention to the ‘elephant in the room’.

Lorna Greenwood, Media Coordinator for Extinction Rebellion told Euronews that the term ‘elephant in the room’ refers to having huge or obvious problem that no one wants to talk about.

“We are being distracted by Brexit when we should be focusing on the ecological and climate crisis which is a threat to all of us,” Greenwood told Euronews.

According to Greenwood, the activists arrived at the Commons in normal business attire before being showed to the public viewing galleries without a second thought.

Once settled, the 11 demonstrators quickly stripped off their outer garments, turning their backsides towards Britain’s lawmakers.

Greenwood, who was not one of the 11 demonstrators, told Euronews the members were approached by police and that arrests were potentially made.

Tory MP James Heappey commented on Twitter that Parliament got a little more nuts that day.