Putin issued a decree on Russian chemical and biological security

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the fundamentals of state policy in chemical and biological security.

The text of the decree, which is valid for the period up to 2025 and beyond, was published on March 11 on the official legal information portal. The previous version of the document was approved in 2013.

According to the decree, the state chemical and biological security policy is a set of measures aiming to protect population and the environment from the negative effects of dangerous chemical and biological factors, as well as preventing chemical and biological threats. It is also part of the state administration system in the field of the national security of the country.

The document is addressed to the government of the Russian Federation, which is obligated to implement the provisions of the document.

Earlier the President of Russia also signed a decree on the creation of the Russian Ecological Operator company, which will cope with the problem of municipal solid waste.