Washington governor Jay Inslee is to run 2020 presidential campaign with climate change priority issue

Jay Inslee, Governor from Washington State, has been announced a democratic nominee for 2020 US presidential election.

He is to make climate change his number one issue, calling it “the most urgent challenge of our time” in his first campaign video.

He is the first governor to throw his hat into the ring, joining 12 other Democrats, including six senators.

Mr.Inslee, 68, is two-term governor, who has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump.

“I’m running for president because I am the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation’s number one priority,” Mr Inslee says in his campaing video, released on Friday, 1st of March.

Mr Inslee’s mid-term elections campaign ran on the platform of creating new energy jobs – his 2020 campaign video echoed the same, tying “defeating climate change” with transforming the economy.

Governor Inslee declared his number one mission is to power the economy with 100% clean energy, create jobs, and focus on “justice and inclusion…so no group is left to bear the cost of transition┬╗.

During a news conference on Friday he said he is planning to build electric cars in Michigan, to build and install wind turbines in Iowa and solar in Washington State.