Round table «Technogenic risks in operation and construction of industrial facilities in Europe

We are pleased to invite you to join the discussion on important issue of industrial man-made accidents, their causes and consequences, issues of minimizing and preventing.

Eastern European Association of the Greens held an opinion poll among experts in chemical, oil refining, coal and nuclear industries, as well as environmental experts, and prepared an analytical study «Technogenic risks in operation and construction of industrial facilities in Europe.  Issues of minimizing risks and preventing major accidents», which will be presented and discussed at the event.

Annual losses from man-made accidents and disasters are measured by thousands of human lives around the world and irreparable damage to the environment. In addition, increasing technogenic burden on the environment, transboundary pollution resulting global environmental changes have led to emergence of new type of combined natural and man-made risks. They are increasingly dominating the threats to sustainable development from emergencies.

In the study, situation in four industrial sectors was examined – chemical, oil refining, coal mining and nuclear power. The choice was made based on the number and scale of man-made disasters that occurred and still occur at the sites of these industries after the Second World War, as well as the amount of damage caused to people’s health and to the environment. In addition, the study will consider the legislative requirements for the technogenic safety of critical infrastructure facilities in several European countries, as well as practical aspects of regulation and supervision, issues of differentiated and unified approach of risks assessment with examples and supposition.


James Wilson, Founder and Director, Belarus EU Business Council

Gary Cartwright, Founder and Journalist, EU Today

Ekaterina Tsaranok, Founder and Director, Modern Education & Research Institute

Algirdas Jurgelevicius, Vice-president of Eastern European Association of the Greens, former chief economist at department of foreign economic affairs in Lithuanian Ministry of Economy, former CEO of Lithuanian ecology and waste Association.

Sergii Topchy, adviser at Eastern European Association of the Greens, legal adviser of ecological organizations of Ukraine.

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