The garbage spot in the Pacific frightens with its scale – expert

Recently, a new discovery of a massive amount of plastic floating in the South Pacific was shocking. It is yet another piece of bad news in the fight against ocean plastic pollution. This patch was recently discovered by Captain Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Research Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to solving the issue of marine plastic pollution, tells National Geografic.  

“The garbage spot in the Pacific, which was recently discovered, scares with its scales. Its area is 2.5 million square meters. These are frightening figures and this is just what we happened to see. The oceral picture of the actual scale of pollution is still outside the field of view of mankind. Mankind is rapidly breaking down the planet and its inhabitants. According to the study “National Geografic” from 2014, in the World Ocean there are 5.25 trillion plastic particles with the total weight of 269 thousand tons. It is believed that the natural way of plastic decays for 450 years. These figures are frightening. Plastic in soil and water carries a huge threat to nature and wildlife. It becomes a reason for the death of many terrestrial and marine animals. The problem lies with each of us, from the plastic manufacturer to its consumer. This is a huge problem that must be solved at all costs” – told Alexandra Batiy, vice president of Eastern Europe Association of the Greens.